How to Handle a Failed Emissions Test to Guarantee Success During the Next Testing

Failed Emissions Test

If you have recently taken you car to a repair shop for the mandatory emissions testing and the results of the test were less than stellar, you are probably wondering how to handle a failed emissions test – here are a few details about how the testing procedure is performed and about how to make sure your car passes the test the next time.


What is Emission Testing?

Mandatory emissions testing has been introduced to make sure the cars on the roads do not pollute the air excessively. The test measures the amount of gases exhausted by the car and compares the results with the officially allowed limits. The testing requirements are determined by multiple factors, including the age, type and make of the vehicle, the type of the fuel used and the type of use as well. If your car emits too much noxious gas, it will be denied the right to participate in traffic until the necessary repairs are done to ensure safe emissions levels.

The Testing Process

Emissions tests are done by attaching special devices to the car’s exhaust system to measure the quantity and the composition of the gases emitted, but before the testing, the car undergoes a detailed inspection to see if any of the following problems are present:

  • Issues related to clogged or malfunctioning fuel filters,
  • A missing gas cap,
  • Mechanical problems of the exhaust systems, such as holes in the pipes,
  • Problems related to the car’s on-board computer that could influence the accuracy of the emission measurements,
  • Issues related to the catalytic unit,
  • Problems of the fuel filter.

If any of these issues are found during the preliminary examination, the car will not be subjected to the testing until the problems are remedied.

How to Prevent Failing the Test

The best way to prevent failing the test is by taking proper care of your car. Regular maintenance sessions done in a car repair shop usually include an inspection of the car’s exhaust system as well, so taking your car to your mechanic regularly for check-ups is very important not only for preserving the health of the vehicle, but also for making sure it passes the emissions test.

How to Handle a Failed Emissions Test

If the problems found during the preliminary inspection are eliminated and the car still fails the emissions test, it means that the vehicle needs to undergo more thorough investigations and more repairs as well. Cars have many more components that can cause unacceptable emission levels, such as sensors, even the engine, so the best way to make sure the next test will be successful is to take your car to a knowledgeable mechanic for investigation and repairs.

Knowing how to handle a failed emissions test is important for being able to address the problem in a calm and reasonable manner – if your car has failed the test, don’t panic, just find an experienced mechanic and he will know how to solve the problem for you.




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